bni-8 alloy cambodia

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AWS BNi-8 (N99800) Filler Metal ::

AWS BNi-8 is a nickel-based filler metal for brazing. Cited properties are appropriate for the as-fabricated (no temper or treatment) condition. BNi-8 is the AWS designation for this


Nickel & Cobalt Braze Alloys - Aimtek, Inc.

39  · Jet engine diffuser parts; high temperature, high stress parts; Non-Ferrous alloys,

AIMTEK ALLOY#INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONSNI %CO %NI449B50TF20856.821.8DF-3EMS54752 Type XVIII MSDF-4BPWA36105, B50A1007, MSRR9500/72467.2510D-15B50TF173 B50A942 CD1117 MS.89.75aimtek.com39

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