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Tee Fittings: The Forming Process Of Extruded Tee Fittings

21  · The whole process is formed by the axial compression of the tube blank and the bulging process of the branch part. The metal of the seamless cold extruded tee


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Custom Forging Processes | Custom Forged

1  · We specialize in high-volume production runs, with short lead times and fixed order pricing. If you are unsure which metal material is best suited for your custom metal forging project, please contact us or call us at 1


Custom Aluminum Alloy Forgings | Forged

21  · Deeco produces forged aluminum parts from numerous aluminum grades and alloys. Some of the more common aluminum grades/alloys we work with include: Aluminum Alloy 2014. Aluminum


Aluminum Forging of Tee

Below are the main process of forging tee: Billet Cutting. Most of the raw materials used for forging aluminum tees are aluminum bars. Before forging, cut the raw materials into the required length of blank material, which is


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